March 31, 2011

day ninety

ipad bliss

taken a few days ago, but i love how they found my sister's ipad and somehow started watching 'ghostbusters' on netflix.

March 30, 2011

day eighty.nine

day eighty.nine

hard to believe these will be covered with at least six inches of snow predicted for friday.

March 27, 2011

day eighty.six

Picture 095

brothers and sisters. it's been a while since my brother, sister and i have gotten together. here is a rare shot of us and our spouses (and one baby). my fat pregnant self in the purple, my sister holding the baby and my brother sporting the thumbs up.

March 26, 2011

day eighty.five

Picture 087

birthday celebration only sixteen days early. the plan was to party hard at a local chuck.e.cheese. i debated whether or not to make a party reservation but that meant paying for crappy chuck.e. paraphernalia, food, etc. we decided to just invite family and we would meet at said location on a saturday afternoon thinking all would run smoothly. the fact that we couldn't even get in the door, because too many people were wanting to get in, was indication enough to admit failure and head back home. there we werestanding in the windy, cold spring weather and had to break it to the birthday boy that we couldn't stay. we let everyone else know the change of plans. jump ahead, past a moment of emotional breakdown (me, not our son) and hurried rush through the dollar store for balloons (we only lost one to the sky) and plates, and the grocery store for cake and refreshments we arrived home with our family waiting. i felt like i let everyone down, including our soon to be four year old. but no one seemed to care. we had a time better than any spent at chuck.e.cheese. my whole family was there and our son was blessed beyond measure.
and yes, the cake is on a chair. not glamorous but our son got a kick out the the trick candles regardless.

March 25, 2011

March 24, 2011

day eighty.three

day eighty.three

at least 'bring your son to work day' was fun. fortunately i get to bring him three out of the five days.

March 18, 2011



finally. our first day back to the park. while the moment was short lived the time was well spent. the sun so warm and breeze so gentle.

March 17, 2011

March 14, 2011

day seventy.three

time to crochet again. probably a ginormous cowl i can get lost in.

March 11, 2011

day seventy

puzzle time

so my picture taking has been lax of late. we found out that for the first time ever, we owe taxes this year. not a lot, but enough to feel it hurt. so to help raise funds to pay the government my husband and i decided to each sell something of great worth. we don't have much but i do have a nice camera and he has a nice guitar. so we bid adieu to those material possessions. i figured somehow down the road i can purchase another nice DSLR but for now i must resort to my iPhone. it takes crappy photos. i'm looking on ebay for a reasonable point and shoot to get me by because i can't stand the photos my phone takes.

this photo was taken approximately one year ago.

March 06, 2011

day sixty.five

day sixy.five

God's glory is truly revealed in this place. the amazing church family we worship with each week recently opened a resource center for our city's homeless and in-need. it is more than a shelter from the snow and rain, but a haven to grab a warm cup of coffee and and essential item whether it be a shirt or food. the love of God is blanketing this place and i know the people who have come seeking solace have found more than the expected. the resource center is small but we caught a glimpse of it today for an open house of sorts. our church family packed the place from beam to beam to show support and encouragement.

March 02, 2011



a day at the boston museum of science. if anything made dinosaurs cease to exist it was probably crazy toddlers like my son and his friend. at least our little men had the exhausting kind of fun you can't wait to tell daddy about.