March 11, 2011

day seventy

puzzle time

so my picture taking has been lax of late. we found out that for the first time ever, we owe taxes this year. not a lot, but enough to feel it hurt. so to help raise funds to pay the government my husband and i decided to each sell something of great worth. we don't have much but i do have a nice camera and he has a nice guitar. so we bid adieu to those material possessions. i figured somehow down the road i can purchase another nice DSLR but for now i must resort to my iPhone. it takes crappy photos. i'm looking on ebay for a reasonable point and shoot to get me by because i can't stand the photos my phone takes.

this photo was taken approximately one year ago.


  1. I am quite surprised you guys had to pay taxes. Did you have them done or do them yourselves? Not enough taken out by manny's employer?

  2. Hey Jill, yeah a combo. We had them done by a "professional". Work didn't take out enough from my taxes and Kari's work didn't have anything taken out of her income.

    The good news is that we got to hold on to more of our money longer, and didn't have to give the government an interest free loan :)

  3. Well, ok , that's not really good news, but that's how I justify feeling ok about it :)

  4. I understand...I'd do the same thing. We have to pay our taxes ahead of time, so it feels like we are always paying taxes