June 14, 2011

day one hundred.sixty.five

i am mindful of where our feet take us. without complaint or fail they move and step. we have a god who directs our steps. each and every footprint is he in knowledge of. i am mindful of my father today whose feet have taken him all over the world and back. his unwavering faith shared time and again. my father's patience and strength enduring any hardship that came his way. now comes a challenge to his stamina. his heart. his soul. it has now been eight long days in the hospital. longer for my mother who unregretfully travels over forty-five minutes each way to sit by his side. to physically and emotionally offer up comfort of some sort. the subdural hematoma they found a week ago is the least of their concern. it is the constant muscle pain. the intense contractions that spasm to the point of labor like pain. doctors are baffled. and daily my parents sit huddled in their appointed room praying.crying .questioning. what is the reason for this? i believe god has more steps for my father to take. he has more faith to strengthen. i can only pray we never come to a breaking point in our waiting to see what god wants of us.


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  2. Love this post. It even sounds like a beautiful poem for a father. Perfect for this weekends holiday. :o)

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