October 15, 2011

day two hundred.eighty.seven


i was supposed to be having a baby today. instead, i am in downeast maine waking earlier than my husband to drive around this peninsula in search of fresh breakfast [camera in hand]. it does not sadden me, really. it is more of a numbed ache scabbed over. i can only thank GOD who has brought us here. to this point in time. this moment. he changed my plans without hearing about mine, and i trust that his ways are higher than mine and his thoughts higher than mine [isaiah 55.9]. i find myself coveting a nine month belly, yet slightly cringe when 'friends' in social media complain of going past their due date. my due date was today. and i have nothing to deliver. i take it in with silence and reflect little on what could have been. because GOD does not want what could have been. he has given me what is now. and what we have now is what is best.

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  1. Think of you often, Kari. Our Lord certainly is sovereign, and His ways are higher than ours. So glad you have a wonderful relationship with Him to lead you through this journey.