November 25, 2011

day three hundred.twenty.eight


after thanksgiving meal lounging. i am grateful for most everything. GOD'S word tells me to be grateful for all things, like the food and wine coma i was under today, but that is hard sometimes. how can one give thanks during the pain and sorrow? during the moments when we feel all is lost? during the times of desperate need? i think all i need to do is to mutter 'thank you' to the One who gave me the breath i am breathing in and out. the fingers moving to type this sentence. the child to discipline and love. the child i had to let go but still love. the husband who loves me in and out. the students who increase my stress level to unknown capacities. the sunsets and sunrises that continue to appear each day. it is because of Him that i have things to be grateful for. i was very attentive to the people around me the past few days. i think i heard the words 'thank you' a handful of times. a handful. five. i spend hours with ten {and eleven} year olds, a four year old, and a myriad of adults. i heard them utter thank you a handful of times. i can barely recall myself saying them. saddening that our hearts are that hardened to see where thanksgiving is appropriate. in all things. thank you jesus. for.....everything.

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