December 31, 2011

day three hundred.sixty.four


last day of the year and last post of the year on this blog. i wanted to post some dramatic photo, summing up my life in one shot. instead found my son under a blanket doing who knows what with my phone.

even though this was a one year photo journey i think i will continue it for another year. who knows what 2012 will bring. 2011 was as far up as it was down. i learned that god has a perfect plan for our lives, a plan that feels like a roller coaster, but on that is perfect for me and my family. happy new year to you all.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear you're going to continue with the pic a day blog. It's one I regularly check that's easy to catch up on should I get behind. While it may not go into much details it's a great simplistic way of keep friends and others up to date on things.