January 13, 2012

day 12

building a home.

this post is part of the friendship friday blog hop. the question was posed: what do you love about blogging. what i love is revealing a little bit about my life to the insanely huge blogosphere. every day i think, this will make a great shot and needs to go on the blog. i love interacting with the people in my life and stealing a moment with my camera and bringing that moment to others. even if there are just a few of you 'others'.


  1. Great reason for loving to blog! Following from the hop ;)

  2. I am visiting from the Friendship Friday blog hop :-) I love your reason for having a blog -- it's a bit like my own in that I love being able to interact with other bloggers even if that's only a few at any given time. I love the photo, reminds me of the complicated constructions by son likes to build that take up most of our basement floor :-)

    Bonkers in Barnhart