June 30, 2012

old trusted door we went to camp good news today. the camp i went to a few times with my best friend as a camper. the camp where my husband and i 'met' 21 years ago training to teach bible clubs.. the camp that hired me when i courageously sent a letter blindly asking if they would hire me to work in their wilderness camp. i only worked as a counselor there for four summers, but i loved. every. second. of it. it made the wilderness around me less wild and more comfortable. the people i worked with still tug on a tender part of my heart, and the kids who came through each week. whose own tender hearts were pushed beyond physical and spriritual limits. i went up to the wilderness camp today with my son. i felt proud and emotionally strung as i hiked him up the hill to the small camp. opening to door to the pavilion opened a flood gate of memories. foot bridge

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