August 06, 2011

day two hundred.eighteen


strapping young men hard at work on a hot summer's morn. this is just another chapter in our plumbing/septic battle. a month ago we found out we need to replace our septic pipe, the one that runs from the home to the tank. not long, but not easy. the reputable plumbing company that broke this news to me was also asking for $4000 to dig up the pipe and replace it. i literally broke down in tears when he told me this. as if we had this kind of money just laying around [dave ramsey would scold us severely for not having an emergency fund for such an occasion as this]. but i believe in a God who does provide. but in ways i did not think of. there is a plumber by day, drummer by night in our church so one sunday my husband told him of our woes. this drumming plumber said if we dig up the pipe he would replace it. for free. f.r.e.e. we are willing to pay for parts and supplies, but this man's heart is impressive. after several weekends of not being able to dig, today was the day. these amazing guys from church [and a donut wielding father in law] came to our aide. because they wanted to. that is community.

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