August 04, 2011

day two hundred.sixteen


a while ago i decided to go back to full time teaching in the school i have been apart of since, literally, kindergarten. the fifth grade teacher decided to move on and everyone encouraged me to take the position. in fact the fifth grade teacher i had as student heard of this and passed down to me all her curriculum and supplemental material. our son is old enough to attend their pre-school and it just seemed natural to go back. when i was first asked about the job in april i was pregnant and my answer was an automatic no. i guess Someone had other plans for me. in fact the first thought i had leaving the ultrasound without a heartbeat was, 'well. i guess i can teach now.' i am not begrudging this decision, in fact i am ecstatic [even if my face doesn't show it]. it is just bittersweet thinking what happened for me to get here. so today i went by the school to pick up the curriculum i will be teaching. school begins in 22 days and i am so ready for this change in life to begin.

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