July 07, 2011

day one hundred.eighty.eight


i think my grumpiness is contagious and my son came down with it. we went to the ocean today. me and my boy. unfortunately as soon as we get there he whines to go home. we dabbled in the freezing cold waves. tried to build a castle in the wet sand. but nothing improved his mood. and since i had just paid $7 to park for three hours i was determined to stay. at my prodding my son laid down on the blanket and actually napped for about an hour. i noticed the tide coming in quick and just as i was about to move him and the blanket the water came too quick and washed over us. it was funny, but not for mr. grumplestinkypants. i checked the time, we still had another hour. it was a long day at the beach and a long ride home when we left.

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