July 05, 2011

day one hundred.eighty.six


when it rains.....it pours. story of my life. i am so glad to be back home but for some reason everything is coming to head and the shit is hitting the fan, literally. my husband left for work today with the dreaded words, "i think there is a clog again." my stomach did a somersault and the last thing i wanted to deal with on a hot sticky day was a clogged toilet. i gather the plunger and plunge. to no avail. i know the clog is in the pipe and i have no energy nor desire to tackle this job myself. time to call the plumber. they said they'd be happy to send someone in five hours. now the plumber has come and gone and the clog is gone but not the problem: roots. we don't have any trees in the backyard, why are there roots growing into the pipe? tomorrow the plumber will be back to give an estimate as to how to replace the pipe in our yard. fun times. there have been other little things stabbing us in the gut such as: a leaky kitchen faucet. the hospital bill. the airbag light turning on in my car. my husband taking on freelance work (which will pay for these needs but means him working too hard over the next few weeks). and our new cat. thus the photo. she's cute, but it will take some getting used to.

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