May 31, 2011

day one


"the fullness of your grace is here with me
the richness of your beauty’s all i see
the brightness of your glory has arrived
in your presence God, i’m completely satisfied..."
-from phil whickham's 'divine romance'

romance of the divine kind. sometimes i feel it. the intense passion of my savior. then there are days when i feel completely numb. alone. it is sinking in the realization my life has changed exponentially. i don't fully understand it and am afraid of what this entails. i didn't ask for this, but it was handed to me. on a rusty platter if any. i see myself as the woman who struggled her way through the throbbing crowd just to touch the hem of the robe of the savior. her desire to end the pain. but just to touch the hem? if anything she clung on so tightly, refusing to let go, wanting to be completely satisfied. for once. my fists are clenched. my clutch tight to the hem of the savior. waiting to feel the rush of that divine romance wash over.

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