May 14, 2011

day one hundred.thirty.four


corban michael jasus was born on may 7 @ 6:35 am. he never had a chance to look at me or his father or brother but i will never forget the way he looked in the palm of my hand. last weekend was the most heart wrenching, yet god was there holding on the whole time. he never let go of me even when i felt so alone and helpless and broken.
corban is used in the bible as a word that means a blessing given by god only to be offered and dedicated back to god. we feel our son is just that. our offering. our worship. our giving up of something we so desperately want to hold on to. god allowed me to get pregnant and wanted us to give our son back to him. while i wish it never had to happen i find joy in knowing our son, corban, is resting in the same arms that comforted me a week ago. and still do.


  1. hugs to you, Kari, Manny, and Mason, as you rest precious corban in jesus' strong and gentle hands. your transparency touches my heart.

  2. You are so faithful to give up your beautiful son so lovingly to God. Thank you for sharing your your very difficult time with us through your post.

  3. kari and manny...

    this is precious and the name you graced him with could not be better. Continuing in prayer for you.

    deb meyers